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What is Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process in which I, the coach help you the client to set your personal and/or professional goals, to help you make progress and achieve your desired outcomes. 

Your goals may be around confidence, weight loss, academic success, career change, relationships,  abundance, wellbeing or in other areas of life.  As your coach, I support you in taking steps to achieve these goals.


Is Coaching the same as Counselling?

No.  While Coaching and Counselling are in the helping professions they are different.  Counselling helps the client to identify, understand and deal with problems which originated in the past yet hinder their life in the present. 

Whereas Coaching assists you, the client to consider and overcome any blocks in the way of your present and future happiness and success.  Thus allowing you to fulfil your full potential and achieve your goals.


Who is Coaching for?

People from a variety of backgrounds and for a variety of reasons choose to engage in Coaching.  One thing clients do have in common is a desire to achieve more in their personal and/or professional lives.  You may be;

  • An aspiring entrepreneur wishing to start a new venture.

  • A home maker wanting positive change. 

  • A student wanting to improve grades or choose the right course. 

  • Wanting to change your career.

  • Looking for ways to increase your confidence or self esteem.

  • Wanting to improve your overall well being. 

  • Wanting to attract more abundance into your life. 

  • Wishing to start or improve relationships.

  • Wanting to become more self-aware.

  • Wanting to make progress with a project or towards a goal.

  • Wanting to understand why you are feeling stuck and how to move forward.

  • Feeling overwhelm and looking for more effective ways to manage situations. 


Whatever your individual goal is, you can benefit from having a professional coach to ‘in your corner’, to help and support you, to hold you accountable and ‘to cheer you on’ as you make progress towards your goals and improving the quality of your life.   


How can Coaching help me? 

Coaching can help you;

  • To make time for you.

  • To have a space to be heard, understood and supported.

  • To understand yourself more.

  • To overcome any obstacles holding you back.

  • To start making the changes you desire.

  • To feel more positive about yourself, your life, your options and the future.  

  • To help you be accountable.  

  • To feel more confident when setting and achieving goals.

  • To make progress in your life. 

  • To live the life you really want to live.


How will I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching can help if your answer is Yes to one or more of the following statements…

  • I am ready for positive change in my life

  • I want to fulfil my potential

  • I want to feel more confident and raise my self-esteem

  • I want to quieten the internal critical voice

  • I have so much in my life but I feel like there is something missing and I want to discover what it is

  • I want to change my job/career

  • I want to improve my relationship/attract a new relationship

  • I want to do a course/qualification/return to education

  • I want a more effective way of studying

  • I want to attract more abundance into my life

  • I want to start a new business or improve/expand my current business

  • I want to access my inner wisdom and find the right solutions and way forward for me


If one or more of these ‘feels like you’ and you wish to make progress with a professional coach to support you, then Coaching is for you and can help!


Please Note:   

If you have recently experienced a serious trauma or traumatic event or if you have ongoing mental health issue, you should firstly speak to your general practitioner or therapist about the right type of helping professional to meet your current needs.      


How does Coaching work?

Coaching begins with a ‘Clarity Session’.  Here we come together to talk about your needs and desires, what you expect from Coaching and want to get from our time together. 

There are no right or wrong answers.  Everyone is unique and so coaching will be different for everyone.  You may know what to expect and what you want from your Coaching or you may not.  You may have an idea of the type of Coaching you want or you may prefer to allow our conversation to uncover the right kind of Coaching for you.  This is all part and parcel of the Clarity Session – to allow us to work together to discover what is really right for you.  


Session One (and beyond)

In this session we start to get a better picture of your goals, objectives and outcomes.  We look at where you are now in relation to your goals and can consider anything that has been holding you back from achieving them.  We can then look at the best ways of overcoming this to help you to move forward towards your desires and ultimately towards a more fulfilling, rewarding and happier life that you want to enjoy. 


Key Points to Note:

  • Coaching happens in a confidential, safe and nurturing space.  The objective is for you to feel better and uplifted after your coaching experience.

  • Coaching is not a quick fix, but by working together in our sessions, you can become more aware, more confident and more ready to make the necessary changes that you wish to make in your life to achieve your goal(s) and start living the life that you truly want to live. 

  • Coaching is a collaborative process.  My role as a coach (among other things) is to listen, support, encourage and motivate you, as well as to hold you accountable.  Your role is to engage in the coaching process in a positive way and to follow through on actions we agree on during our time together.  You will decide what is best for you and I will support you to achieve your desired outcomes and goals.  Therefore coaching is a win-win situation.



How do I get started?  

You can start with your ‘Clarity Session’.  This session gives you the opportunity to be heard and allows me the opportunity to understand your specific situation and needs.  We clarify your goals for Coaching and make sure that your outcome is clear to both of us.  Next we look at your options and what could help you most and we agree on the best way to proceed.


How many sessions will I need?  

This will depend on what you want from our time together.  You may choose to book one session of Coaching with me and then go from there.  Or after our initial Clarity Session you may choose to book a series of sessions.  It is completely up to you and you will know what feels right after we meet and as things progress. 


What is the Investment?

The investment for coaching is then per hour or per session length.  Most clients begin with a one hour session.  Some clients then prefer more time in their Coaching sessions and book a 1.5 hour or 2 hour session, this is personal preference. It is recommended that you wait until after your Clarity Session or until after your first coaching session to decide what length of session works best for you and your needs. 

For clients choosing Strategy Based Coaching, please note that this type of coaching can take 1.5 - 2 hours (again depending on the individual client’s needs). 


Where does the Coaching take place?

The Coaching takes place in Blanchardstown Therapy Centre.  This is located at 3 Main St, Blanchardstown.  The Coaching room is private and there is a comfortable waiting room should you arrive early. 

Where does it take place?
How many sessions?
How do I get Started?
How does Coaching work?
How can Coaching help me?
Is it right for me?
Is Coaching the same as?
Who is Coaching for?
What is the Investment?

What if I have questions or need more Information?  

Our Clarity Session will give you a ‘taste’ of Coaching as well as the opportunity to experience my personal Coaching style.  It will also give you the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have to gain clarity.  You can also Contact Me by phone, text or email.

Lisa Murphy

Life Coaching

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