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Now more than ever before, there is a need to take the time to invest in you and your life.


As we are reminded on every flight before take-off, you need to attend to yourself first before you can really be of service to anyone else!  So we need to check-in with ourselves to see if there is any area of our lives that is missing something or could benefit from additional care and attention or a positive change.  This might be your health & wellbeing, relationships, career, finances, confidence or any other area that is an important priority for you.  Many people find that this is easier to do with the right person there to support them. 


While family and friends are a very important support, you may also want the guidance of a professional coach.  As your coach I will provide you with a non-judgmental, safe and nurturing space, where we can take time together to understand your individual situation, needs and desires.  We can then work together to identify the right steps for you towards the outcome and future you want for this area of your life. 

Personal Coaching
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Personal / Life Coaching

In this type of coaching we take the time to explore you as an individual - your thoughts, beliefs, values, goals and desires.  We consider anything that might be holding you back or blocking your progress. We then uncover the best ways of removing these obstacles and the right next steps for you to take to achieve your goals and create the life you want.

Wellbein Coaching
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Wellbeing Coaching

This type of coaching will assist you to develop your understanding and practical skills to improve your overall wellbeing.  Together we will explore your desires in the four areas of wellbeing - mind, body, emotion and spirit.  We can consider any blocks you may have in these areas and how best to move past these to allow you achieve your personal wellbeing goals. 

Strategy Based Coching
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Strategy Based Coaching

Strategy based coaching helps clients take practical daily action to transform their experience of life.  Where some traditional life coaching methods focus on you discovering your own solutions, this type of coaching presents you with a unique perspective and a series of strategies to improve your life and bring about the real and lasting change you desire.

Law of Attraction Coaching

This helps clients to identify and achieve goals using the principles from the law of attraction.  As your coach we work together to clarify what you want in different areas of your life.  You then align with your own intentions by directing your thoughts in a way that creates, attracts and allows the things that you truly want to experience into your life.

Law of Attraction Coaching
Caree Coaching
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Career Coaching

This helps you as an individual to explore and identify what you really want from your career.  You may need guidance finding the right role that ‘fits’ with your natural skills and talents.  One that catches your interest as well as meeting your financial &/or personal career goals.  You may want help creating a plan to successfully enter that role.  Alternatively, you may feel you have outgrown your current  position  and would like  to be  supported as you climb the ladder, move sideways in your career or perhaps change it altogether.  Whatever your individual needs, as your career coach, I will help you to determine what’s right for you, where you want to be in your career and the right plan and action steps for you to get there.

Relatioship Coaching
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Relationship Coaching

This type of coaching allows you to explore the key relationships in your life or perhaps those you wish to bring into your life.  These may be in the area of work, personal, family, romantic or other settings.  You may need support in defining the relationship, rules & norms or in navigating through issues.  You may want to consider new ways of ‘being’ in relationship, how parties can communicate  more  effectively,  learn to compromise , support each other and strengthen the emotional connection.  As your relationship coach we work together on improving or forming relationships in your life.

Academic Coaching
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Academic Coaching (Second & Third Level)

With my background as an experienced teacher in the Further Education sector, I have an understanding of the pressure and demands on students today.  I also have the ability as a coach to help my client (student) to navigate these challenges and achieve their potential.  This can be a great comfort not only to the client themselves, but also for parents and loved ones, knowing that the individual is getting the professional support they need.  This may be around study , subject choice, college application or choosing the right course or career path.  The areas of confidence and self-esteem are often important ingredients in academic coaching. 

Businss Coaching
Business Coaching

This type of coaching assists and guides business owners/managers to take your business from its current position to where you really want it to be.  I can help you to clarify the vision, aims and objectives for your business and how these integrate with your own personal goals.  As your business coach, I will facilitate you in evaluating your businesses strengths, uncovering and resolving any weaknesses or issues and in planning for future profitability and success. 

Lisa Murphy

Life Coaching

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